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At home with the Jarmans

5 Feb

At the start of my Auzzie adventure I went to stay with my oldest friend in the world – Faye. By oldest friend I don’t mean old, as in “wow she’s the oldest friend I have, she is seriously old, just really, really old you know…”. I mean I have known her the longest, she is my oldest friend, the friend I have know the longest, in my whole life – you get it, you get it!

Many years ago, my mum and her mum were good friends. On one magical day the storks arrived carring two little bundles of joy, Faye arrived 2 days before me – and hence our friendship began. Faye moved out to Auz when she was 18 and hasn’t looked back. So I knew when I made the decision to run away down under she’d be the perfect, most wonderful person to see first. And I was absolutely right.

Faye lives in this gorgeous house in a seaside place called South West Rocks – now I’ve already mentioned the Somerset/South West/Bumpkin heritage of me so you can understand how thrilled, make that clapping my hands in joy, I was to drive into South West Rocks at the very start of my adventure. It was the sign I needed to tell me I was in the right place and had made the right decision.

The Jarman pad

Anyway, I stayed with Faye, her hubby Paul and their gorgeous little girl Emma for the first week and a half of my Auzzie adventure. Whilst there we went for wonderful walks, talked endlessly, ate amazing fresh fish caught my Paul and his merry fishermen friends, sat on the endless sandy beaches and watched the world go by. I finally let myself breath, properly unwind and just let it all go. All the tension, the achy head, the heavy shoulders, the heavy heart. I just sat on that beach and let it go. It was glorious. Exactly what I needed and so much more.

The gorgeous South West Rocks

Whilst there I also experienced a whole load of new things, more of that in a different page but some highlights include –

1) My first sighting of a Kangaroo and a huntsman spider (still get the shivers thinking about the ENORMOUSNESS of it!!)

My first Kangaroo sighting!

2) Auzzie men like to put the letter ‘O’ on the end of most things and shorten all words

3) That the word “Pull” as in “I pulled a guy” something pretty harmless in the UK, means something TOTALLY different in Auz. I can’t say what because my mum might read this but let me just say it has something to do with your hands….um……in a pumping kind of….er anyway, it’s not a phrase I should ever say out here!!! Thankfully Faye and Paul told me that on the first day – so I’m all good, phew!

4) A sausage sizzle isn’t some kind of STD but it is in fact a ‘Snag’ or sausage from the BBQ, which is a bit bigger than your average sausage. It’s very tasty. So there you go.

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