First days in Sydney

12 Feb

After my lovely first few days with the Jarmans it was time for me to shove off and head to Sydney…..

I think it’s fair to say that I was a little nervous about what to expect. I mean I live and work in London but heading to a new city, on the other side of the world was still a little daunting. But I had my maps, a hotel for the first few days and a big smile on my face – what more could I need?!

I spent the first night in my hotel room. I know, I know, it sounds like I was scarred but In fairness it was quite late by the time I arrived and I was shattered, so I just grabbed a quick bite then just chilled on my bed watching trashy Aussie TV. Bliss. The next day I went exploring. I had breakfast down in Darling Habour, which was lovely – possibly the largest yogurt portion you’ve ever seen in your life then started figuring out the city.

I ended up walking round the Chinese Garden just off from the harbour, it’s very tranquil and beautiful. Its the kind of place you really want to share with someone so it did make me a little reflective, but it was so beautiful I didn’t feel down for long.

In fact I went snap happy and took about 100 pictures of the place?! Not quite sure why, as looking back it does get a bit same-y after a while….oh a small tree, a waterfall, some large fish in pond, some more small trees, a little bridge, more big fish…….even more big fish, yet another waterfall (yawn) and sooooo on…..

Ah so beautiful...the chinese garden

Anyway all cultured out later that night I headed off to Surrey Hills (apparently a bit of a posh area of the city) to meet up with a load of ex Cake colleagues who now work in Sydney. I hadn’t seen some of them for years and years so was really looking forward to catching up with them all…. And if I’m honest I was also hoping that after a few cheeky vinos I could start asking people if I could crash on their sofa’s, floor, balcony, hallways etc before I had to face the hostel….cheeky yes, but needs must!

It was an awesome night. We met in this very cool place called the Northfolk Hotel (how very english!), it had a brilliant beer garden so we just stayed there for the night, chatted, drank, gossiped about old times and generally had a very merry time. I also ended up bagging a few offers of spare rooms, sofas etc so all in all a top evening.

Me & the lovely Hannah

And the best thing was, the next day Faye was flying out for our big girly weekend in the city – good times!!

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