Plenty more fish in the sea

15 Feb

Valentines Day…..


Unless you’re madly in love and then all those half dead roses, manky teddy bears and stupid balloons seem wonderful, the birds are singing, little bunnies are all around and everything is just wonderful – if you’re madly in love….

However for the rest of the world, those unloved, singletons it’s pretty much a sucky, sucky day. However luckily for me I’m on the other side of the world, so V Day can mean anything I want it to. And besides there are plenty more fish in the sea….right…

So with that in mind I decided to spend the big V at the Sydney Aquarium, with the fish and the huge sharks!! Because nothing says romance like a bloody big shark.

Happy with my plan I pottered off to the aqurium and had an amazing day! You might not know this about me but I have a weird kind of obesession / love / hate / fascination thing with Sharks. I just can’t get enough of them.

You know those awful ‘Shark Aattack’ programmes on Channel 5 where they interview some poor man who’s body was half eaten by a great white, and they reenact it – well I LOVE those shows. I can’t get enough of them. I want to know everything there is to know about these amazing creatures.

I had a book when I was little called ‘Monsters of the sea’ – the centre double page was of a giant whale shark, it was a cartoon but that doesn’t matter when you’re little. It was just amazing to me.

That said…..I am terrified of deep water, I won’t swim in the sea unless I can still touch the bottom and really, really don’t like boats. I even occasionally freak myself in swimming pools by imagining those grid things at the bottom are sharks, I start to here the Jaws theme in my head and swim just a little bit faster. I know, i know, it’s a bit weird.

I think the whole thing has something to do with the fact that I fell in a fish pond when I was a toddler. My sister saved me from drowning – thanks Sis! But I’m sure I remember being underwater and watching the fish swim by, their little mouths just sucking in front of me, all scales and bit eyes. So maybe that’s where the whole – I love big fish but sort of hate water thing comes from….

ANYWAY….. back to the point, V day with the sharks was amazing. I didn’t feel sad all day, I was just really happy and very proud of myself for being so brave in the shark tunnel. I ate ice cream, walked along the habour, took a zillon pictures of the sharks which would bored anyone else stupid but which made me very happy.

Shark HQ - perfect Valentines!

Shark!!!More sharks!!

I filmed some awesome videos including one of me saying “SHIT” very loudly when I was in the tunnel happily filming and this HUGE shark swam over my head – but alas in true blonde style I left my SD camera card somewhere and lost them. Might have to go back to the Aquarium another day ;0)

So after my valentines day with the sharks I spent my first night at a hostel – oh yes, me and big big silver suitcase went down to a hostel….

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