Sydney smash up with Faye!

16 Feb

I was sooooo pleased that Faye was flying to Sydney for my first weekend in the city. We had big plans to “Whoop it up” and smash the city right in it’s beautiful face. And my god we absolutely did!!

We stayed in a really lovely hotel (thanks Faye!) and started off on the Friday by getting the essentials sorted – waxing, manicures, pedicures, hair and shopping. It was a girls dream and so much fun. …..My first real mani/pedi – loved it!!

(Although quick note to self – you are out here for a LONG time, stop shopping as if you’re on holiday?!! You’ll run out of money to eat…..and no, beautiful shoes will not help, no matter how beautiful they are!)

Anyway after all the preening, beautifing and shopping we hit the town to whoop it up! We started off at the Opera Bar, which is just ridiculously fabulous! The views are stunning. The people are stunning. And the Opera bar sharing platter is quite possibly the most stunning thing I’ve even eaten.

I mean seriously it was amazing. Sod the view – just get another one of those mini lamb and mint pies in my face?!!

As Emma, Faye’s little girl would say “delicio-soo”

OMG – Get in my face, seriously yummy!!

After the opera bar we took our full tummies off to the next stop – The Establishment. A very, very, very cool bar. It’s huge, grand and filled with gorgeous people and lethal cocktails – a winning combination! It’s safe to say we had an absolute blast in the bar because all plans for other venues faded and we stayed until about 3am?!!!

We met some really fun people and spent the rest of the night dancing, drinking and basically throwing cocktails on the floor. I can’t tell you why but for some reason I have a really, really bad habbit of dropping drinks when I’m drunk?! Which is seriously annoying, not cool and bloody expensive. But at the time I find it hilarious?!! ‘Whoops, there goes another one – ha ha ha!”. I think it’s a medical condition, or just a result of too much booze ;0)

Anyway it was a brilliant night, which resulted in much giggling, good times and cosmo’s.

Me & Faye getting squiffy

Needless to say on Saturday we woke up in a world of pain and didn’t leave the hotel until after 1pm?! Not alot got done that day, shopping was on a go slow and we generally pottered around Paddington until it was time to go home.

Quick one on Paddington – it is a very, very cool place to shop, basically one long strip of little shops, boutiques and designer stuff. It’s really lovely. Lots of cute cafes, small markets and the Auzzie version of sloanes walking about everywhere looking beautiful but miserable – brilliant!

Paddington - gorgeous shops!

So Saturday night was a little more quiet but still good fun. We headed down to an area called The Rocks, a very chilled, casual, funky kind of place with loads of little bars, late night cafes and hot spots. After attemtping to get back on the drinking train to ‘drunk-sville’ we ended up in this gorgeous little cafe and tucked into a late night super, glasses of wine and loads of chats. And maybe a tiny little perving on the american waiter – he was about 20 and looked like something out of 90210?! It would have been rude not too.

On the Sunday we shopped again. At this point I feel I need to dedicate a few lines to Faye’s shopping achievements!!! In the space of our girly weekend she made up for 2 years of shopping absence and smashed it – quite right too!! The best moment ever was when we walked into Tiffanys and the general manager knew her name?!!

I’ll say that again – the general manager of Tiffany’s – KNEW Faye’s name – he even asked after Paul?!! It was BRILLIANT!!!! Just to clarify here, Faye is not a weekly shopper at Tiffany’s, it’s that her lovely hubby Paul bought her the most breathtaking engagement ring (and wedding ring) from Tiffany’s and they remember these things, because they are Tiffanys!

Need less to say we spent ages in there. It was amazing.

The only blip was that they had this little stand of cup cakes for all the people shopping for Valentines stuff – you know those loved up couples buying engagement rings on Valentines weekend, really happy couples, laughing, smiling, kissing …….. Something took over me, their smugness just overpowered me and……







It was really sad to say goodbye to Faye after such an amazing, fun, brilliantly lovely weekend. I loved every moment with her.

But the reality was she was leaving and I was about to start my 3 week stay in the big city.


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