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Hostel or just Hostle?!

17 Feb

Ok so after my lovely weekend with Faye in the gorgeous hotel it was time to face facts. The sofa surfing with friends wouldn’t start for a few days – so I had to find somewhere else to stay for 2 nights.

Optimisitic I could find a cheap hotel deal I grabbed a coffee and headed off to the nearest internet cafe.

After an hour and a half of trawling through every hotel website and comparison site I could there was nothing. NOTHING I could afford. Not without feeling really guilty anyway…

So I faced facts. It was time for my first Hostle experience.

I knew this day would come but I was still nervous about it. I mean me. In a hostel, really?! I have a big suitcase, I wear make up and use hair straighteners – I don’t belong with the great unwashed with their back packs, dreadlocks and smelliness! I am past the all night dorm activities of Univeristy, the shared bathrooms and stolen food dramas. But here I was about to book in to a “DORM” (?!!!) of 4 females for two nights.

So after EXTENSIVE research (I read every comment and review on pretty much all of the hostels in Sydney – I kid you not, I could write a guide book on them!) I booked myself in to the Syndey Habour YHA hostel. Yeap all booked. No going back. I was staying in a hostel.

Time for another LARGE coffee….and maybe a little vino before I check in.

I’ll be honest here. My expectations were low, basement kind of low. But I sucked it up and thought “No this is all part of the experience, be brave, meet new people, no one will try to murder you in your bunk bed or steal the silver suits case (I can’t even lift it so good luck to them!).

I walked in and all those worries just vanished. The Sydney YHA is AWESOME!! It’s basically like a big hotel. It’s all new, very funky and filled with all kinds of people – yes you have your young travellers looking for the booze bus, you you also have older people like me (older – not old btw!) and families – actual families which was a real surprise.

The hostel even had this gorgeous roof top deck with stunning views over the habour and opera house. I was blown away and so so pleasantly surprised.

The room was basic but nice enough. I do have to say that sleeping in a bunk bed after the age of 9 is a little weird but you sort of get used to it.

I even made friends – I joined up with a little group of girls and we were like the UN. I was from the UK, Karina was from Holland, Doris from Germany and Suzanna from Spain. We all hit it off and ended up going out for dinner and on to this very cool Salsa night which was hilarous!

So there you go. First experience with a hostel was very very good. I would definitely stay there again and I’m actually looking forward to staying in more as I continue on with my travels.

Obviously only hostels that have been extensivly researched – I’m not just gonna bunk in with Johnny backpacker you know!!

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