Bondi Beautiful

19 Feb

So I’ve been spending the last week or so down in Bondi… I shall sum Bondi up in one word – BEAUTIFUL!!

Beautiful Bondi

And by that I mean everythiing!!! The beach is beautiful, the little shops, bars and cafe’s are beautiful but most of all it’s the people. And lets be clear here, when I say the people are beautiful I don’t mean that they’re all just really lovely and nice (although I’m sure they are), what I mean is that the people are stunning. Literally gorgeous. All of them.

I’m not joking! It’s like someone has rounded up all the most gorgeous, bronzed, ripped people and dropped them here to create some kind of beach utopia. Whever you look long legged, bronzed surf chicks frolic with bronzed, ripped surf dudes…..Its enough to make you swear off food for life and sign up to the nearest gym?!!

It’s also where the lifeguards from Bondi Rescue are – now for all of you back in the UK Bondi Rescue is a TV show out here that’s a bit like Baywatch but all about the reallife hunky lifeguards at Bondi, saving people, running about and generally looking pretty hot.

It’s a shame I’m a pretty strong swimmer….

The Bondi Lifeguards


Beautiful people aside, it’s also a really, really fun place where luckily quite a few of my friends live – bonus.

I’ve pretty much lived on the beach for the last few days – days filled with sand, sea, suncream lotion and a whole load of SUNSHINE!! ;0)!!

One Response to “Bondi Beautiful”

  1. AB March 29, 2011 at 3:50 am #

    I just returned from Australia and spent the last few days in Bondi Beach, as well. Ditto everything you said here LOL Seriously, overflowing hotness in Bondi! It was quite distracting during my morning jogs by the beach haha Didn’t really get to meet the locals, but I agree, I’m sure they’re very nice people since Aussies are known for their awesome personality;) Thanks for sharing this post!

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