Friends in beachy places

22 Feb

So while in Bondi I’ve been staying at a few places. First up was Matt’s pad which was very cool, very nice. He hasn’t been there long but apparently the first few purchases included a giant (and I mean MASSIVE) wide screen TV and the BBQ – love it, such a boy thing to do! Matt’s a great cook, an aspiring Jamie Oliver (I think he owns ALL of his books). So on my first night he treated me and his lovely Girlfriend Carrie to a feast – BBQ chicken wrapped in crispy parma ham, oven roasted sweet potatoes, garlic mushrooms and veg – yummy, yumsters!!

The next gorgeous meal I had was courtesy of Carrie and her housemate Jon, who between them cooked up a feast of a dinner party for a big group of us. The dinner party was brilliant, great food, loads of wine and a whole lot of laughing. Although, it didn’t quite run as smoothly as planned – because the over broke!

When I say broke I mean it smoked out the whole flat. Smoke everywhere, like some bad 80’s music video – which was made all the more real by two massive fans which had been brought out to help waft the smoke away (que lots of standing in front of fan, hair blowing moments) The whole thing was brilliantly hilarious. Not to be detered and fuelled by a whole load of vino and lungs full of smoke we hatched a cunning plan to run the home made lasange (real home made pasta sheets and everything – well done Carrie!) to Matts flat which was about 10mins down the road. Myself and Jon volunteered for this most important of missions and carried the precious lasagne down to Matts – although techinically I carried it most of the way!

Anyway about 40mins later we collected the lasange and everyone tucked in. It was delicious and so was the rest of the evening.

The yummy lasagne made by Carrie

Happy diners

I’ve now moved on from Matt’s to stay in North Bondi with my friend Claire and her boyfriend Duncan. It’s lovely spending time with Claire and catching up. We went to this very funcky little bar/tapas place called the Big Easy the other night – gorgeous food, epic chats and again a whole LOT of vino.

At this point I’m sure you’re thinking I’m a bit of a jammy cow for knowing so many people to crash with and that it’s a little bit like cheating, staying with friends rather than being a true traveller…..but to this I say, yes ok fair point, HOWEVER, in about 1 weeek I’ll leave Sydney and start travelling up the coast, by myself, where I won’t know anyone. No one… not a Tom, Dick or Harry. Although hopefully by the end I will.

I have been popping back into the city for various things like ‘Tropfeast’ which I went to with my friend Paul. It’s basically a yearly open air film festival that takes place in a park in the city centre. You all get picnic rugs, booze and food and settle down for a night of mini films. The films were brilliant, very clever, some were moving, some were very funny, others a bit bizzare – like one which based around 2 guys who fell out because one had copied the others mullet hair style?! Very funny.

I’ve also been to the MCA to see the Annie Leibovitz exhibition which was just incredible, so moving, honest and just beautiful. I loved it.

I’ve had a picnic in the Botanical Gardens and spent alot of time just pottering around the harbour, people watching and enjoying the views.

The stunning Opera House

The Botanical Gardens

So there you go. Lots going on and much fun being had….

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