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The Kindness of Strangers

25 Feb

So this is a small post dedicated to people who I’d never met who did something brilliant. I’ve only been in Auz for a few weeks but seriously, I have been blown away by how lovely and sweet people are.

The moment you bring out a map, someone stops and asks where you’re headed so they can help you out. At first I was supicous –  I know the rules –  DO NOT talk to strangers, stranger danger, keep hold of the bag, don’t make eye contact, move swiftly away….. But I’ve since realised it’s just an Auzzie thing. They are, by their nature very lovely, good hearted people.

Take this as an example. So after being at Matt’s for a few days I went to stay with my friend Claire in North Bondi. Now the weekend I arrived Claire was away, so the plan was to pick up the key from her next door neighbour and flat sit for a few days until she returned. At about 8pm I dragged me, numerous bags and the epic silver suitcase (I think it weighs the same as two dead bodies now?!!) up four flights of stairs to Claire’s place. By the time I’d heaved myself to the top I’d lost half my body weight in sweat and disturbed evertyone in the block by smashing the suitcase up each one of the hundred steps.

Anyway finally at the top, I knocked on the neighbours door and this very pretty girl answered looking very poorly – turns out she had a migraine. She gave me the key for Claire’s and I tried the lock…. Um, nope, key didn’t work…… We tried another key……. Nope still nothing. Bugger, bugger, bugger – is the phrase running through my head at this point. Turns out Trin – Katrina (that’s her name btw), well her flatmate had taken the key with her…….to Melbone. BUGGER, BUGGER, BUGGER continues to still run through my head, but much louder with a few more swear words thrown in!!!

Ok no problem, I’ll just have to carry (or throw?!) the case back down the stairs and head back over to Matt’s. Fine, totally fine, no problemo….But that’s when Trin said “You can stay here, it’s fine honestly, please do…’

After much English mutterings of “Oh no I couldn’t possibly, really? No, no it’s fine, I’m good, are you sure? No, I don’t want to disturb you, I simply couldn’t….‘ – she just yes, yes you can, don’t be silly, in you come… And so I did?! I ended up staying with her until her housemate returned 2 days later with the key.

How amazing though. A total stranger let me stay at her place?! I mean really, can you imagine that happening in London?! Some random knocks on your door, is locked out so you just let them in – to stay – I DON’T THINK SO?!!

Anyway, it was an incredbly lovely, sweet thing to do so this post is to her to say thank you!!

If you’re ever in London my door is always open for you x

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