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Mardi Gras Virgin

6 Mar


For the last week or so I’ve been staying outside of Sydney with my Mum, who’s over for a holiday visiting her friends Gilly and Max (Mum of Faye……), anyway more of that later…

But I came back to the city to spend my last weekend in Sydney enjoying the simply fabulous Mardi Gras festivities….how could I not?!!

As a Mardi Gras virgin I can honestly say my cherry was well and truly popped – in the most fabulous of ways! I was totally blown away, it was bold, brash, colourful, bejazzled with sequins and quite simply the most fun ever. EVER!

My Mardi Gras play mates were Steve and Laura, I joined them at their friend’s house and knew as soon as I walked it that it was going to be a pretty crazy night. Every single person was in fancy dress….it was wall to wall glitter, sparkles, costumes and booze – yeap it was gonna get messy.

Before me stood a sea of fancy dress gone mad – head to toe latex nurses uniforms, afro wigs, cowboy hats, feather bowers, sailor outfits – and that was just the men?! The girls rocked costumes just as hard, dressed head to toe in glitter, feathers, fairy wings, leather, pink leotards and army get ups – it was brilliant.

Steve "The Truncheon" & Laura "Major-ly Fabulous"

Now my suitcase may contain every kind of heel required for my travels (five pairs to be exact – What?!!) but what I had failed to bring was any fancy dress. GUTTED. I LOVE fancy dress! But I did what I could and adored myself with a silver face mask – a very glittery, blind you with glitter every time you blink kind of mask….not stand out amazing I know, but it I blended in well enough.


Major-ly Fabulous and Miss Butterfly

(After a whole bucket of booze I convinced myself that the mask gave me an air of mystery and pretty much refused to take it off all night … even at the club when we all got ID’d (YES I got ID’d – so happy!).. – it’s a wonder I didn’t wake up in the damm thing?!!)

So after we’d drank the entire contents of the house dry and painted ourselves in even more glitter we left for the parade.

The streets were literally throbbing with excitement and anticipation. You could feel it. Thousands and thousands and thousands of people were gathering, streaming towards Oxford Street, in all their fancy dress glory ready to watch the parade. It’s an amazing experience and one that totally sweeps you up.

Out on the street you soon realise that everyone is dressed up – EVRYONE! The costumes are outrageous and fabulous. Our little group (about 30 of us) was surrounded by giant teletubbys, sailors (oh sooo many sailors),  a giant human condom train thing (I’m not kidding) a Marge Simpson (she was totally yellow, massive blue wig – big, big effort) and more cowboys and leather than you could find in Elton’s wardrobe. I LOVED it.

After a suitably restrained and demure opening performance from the very shy Louis Spence (words fail me!)…he the parade started and we found ourselves on the hunt for some milk crates to stand on. Eventually all of us managed to squish together on a couple of crates and watcched with massive smiles on our faces as the parade rolled past.

Just one of the amazing floats - my pics were pretty rubbish but hope this shows you some of it...

The floats were brilliant, so brilliant, but what I loved the best was the groups of people without the floats. They had gone to massive efforts with their costumes and included big dance routines which they performed as they walked along (quite a hard thing if you ask me). But each one gave it welly. They were loving it. Dancing their hearts out, singing, smiling and cheering – and so were we!!

My first ever Mardi Gras experience will stay with me for a very long time. It was everything I expected and soooo much more. It made me beam to see so many amazing, inspiring, wonderful people all gathered together to celebrate love and the freedom to be happy.

Simply fabulous! Thank you Sydney!

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