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So where was I..??

14 Mar

Hello, hello, hellooooo

Wow so much to catch up on….ok so last time I left you I had just popped my Mardi Gras cherry – good times! Now in the last post I mentioned that my mum was over for a little visit, I won’t go into the reasons but she needed some sunshine and so came over to see some friends and of course me to.

We spent some time with Gilly and Max at their house just outside of Sydney, Gilly is Faye’s mum so her and my mum go waaaaaay back – they actually met while they were in hospital having us, so we’ve all been friends ever since! Anyway it was really lovely being there and having that time to catch up with Mum. Gilly and Max were the perfect hosts and took us off on little day tours to see some great places, including Summer Bay – or Palm Beach as it’s really called. We were actually there on a filming day but I haven’t watched the show since i was about 15 so had absolutely know idea who anyone was. As well as sight seeing we cooked, lazed about, went for lunch, saw Max’s boat out at Pitt Harbour (and chuckled at the boats that had rude names – Mum’s favourite was a boat called Wet Patch – I kid you not) we shopped, talked and talked and sunk lots of delicious bottles of vino from Max’s very own cellar – thank you Max! We went slightly over board on one particular night ended up in the hot tub at 3am (in our underwear?!) and didn’t get out until we’d gone all wrinkly. I have pictures but decided not to share them this time ;0)

A few days later mum and me headed off for some time on our own at the beautiful Hunter Valley. For those of you that don’t know the Hunter Valley is vineyard land and is famous for producing some of the country’s best wines, as well and cheeses and chocolate. So three days of massive over indulgence awaited us…..Bring…It….On! We’d booked ourselves into a little barn on a vineyard and whilst it looked very quaint and lovely on the website in was in fact…a barn. A very old, sort of scary barn, with loads of spiders, and creaky noises….all very ‘little house on the prairie’ and not at all what we had in mind. But we fired up the BBQ and made it home…..

The barn

Home sweet home

We decided the best way to see the vineyards was to book a day tour….now I’ve been wine tasting before, but never have I started a day of wine tasting at 10am?!! By 12pm me and mum were very, very squiffy and we still had another 4 vineyards to go?! It was brilliant though. We met some lovely people, tried some amazing wines and some pretty awful wines too. Mum will not be convinced that chardonnay is in any way drinkable, her face after each tasting was brilliant. Like she was sucking on a lemon, that had been covered in salt. Exactly the reaction the wine makers were looking for I’m sure.

Yes I think I need a bit more pleeeeease

By far the best vineyard we visited was Molly’s Cradle all because of the host – Serg….. Imagine if you will a man who is passionate about wine, a french man to be precise, with a ridiculously thick French accent who pronounced ‘grapes’ as ‘Gwups’ over and over again! “To git ze best from the gwups you av’ to love the gwups“….it was all very Monty Python and as it was our 4th (or maybe 5th?!) stop of the tour it sent me and mum into a fit of giggles every time. We loved Serg and his gwups!

The next day we headed off to the Hunter Zoo and met some of the local wildlife including kangaroos, alligators, koalas, parrots, monkeys and so on…..I have to say I fell completely in love with the koalas. They are just gorgeous. Like real life teddy bears. They sleep for about 15hours a day, so we were very lucky to see them and have a cuddle. I’d been told to listen out for the sound they make, but not a peep!! Which was a shame because apparently they sound like someone doing a very loud fart – which would have been hilarious to hear first hand. But nope, they were very quiet, and cuddly and lovely…..

Soooooo cute!!!

Skippy taking it easy

After the Hunter we drove back up to South West Rocks to Faye and Paul’s house to celebrate Emma’s 2nd birthday with a big BBQ and a wonderful teddy bears picnic. Faye out did herself with an amazing teddy bear shaped cake (which we partly made on Friday night a little worst for wear after a friends party – but thankfully despite our wobbliness the cake turned out a beauty!!) Clear blue skies, a beautiful garden scene complete with teddy bears hidden in the tree tops, lots of friends, pimms, kids running around and loads of laughter made for a wonderful day and Emma loved every moment of it. It was also a real treat for the four of us to be together – a rare and wonderful thing!

The best cake ever!!

Mums and daughters

The adult entertainment came a little later after all the kids (and our mums) left and a little gang of us headed up to the balcony to sing songs (with Faye’s new guitar) and chat into the night. I say singing…. but I think the sounds we made could only be described as cats being tortured, loudly….we were basically shouting, alot, making up the words, rapping, free styling and making complete idiots of ourselves. It was brilliant. My sides ached from laughing so much. A career in music will not be knocking on my door any time soon – Simon Cowell you can rest easy!

So I think that brings me up to date…..Sorry, it sort of feels like that was just a long list of things. But it’s been a full on few days/week and I’m pretty wiped…..but what lays ahead should be very exciting.

From now on it’s just me, out on the wide open road, heading up the coast to more adventures…. and I promise to fill you in all the way….

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