Brisbane, Louise and me…

23 Mar


from the very, VERY, crazy hot and sunny Brisbane….

Myself and Louise (a fellow friend from Byron) hopped on the bus and headed up to Briz a few days ago. So far we’ve established that the higher north you go….the more you will melt! Seriously this is crazy hot and from what people tell me it’s only going to get hotter?!! I’m not entirely sure I can actually handle it – I mean on the first day of getting here my thong actually started melting….yes melting! And for those of you with filthy minds (you know who you are!) by thong I do of course mean, flip flop, not my knickers.

A few lines on my travel buddy Louise – we met in Byron as Friengers but after a few days became proper friends. Louise is German, from Hamburg to be exact and in her own words “she is not a typical German”….that is to say she is extremely funny, very warm and affectionate, outgoing, sociable and generally pretty bloody cool. We spend alot of our time just giggling like a bunch of teenagers. So far I have learned that Lou is vegetarian (including fish), loves beer, hates kareoke, could be a secret German porn star, sometimes confuses the words laugh and love and also foot and food (which can be very funny), loves to learn new English phrases and is about as good at snorkelling as me…..which is to say we both look like drowned rats and can’t stop laughing/drowning.

Before Briz we spent our last days in Byron basically enjoying what should be called the monsoon season – it seriously chucked it down, continuously for 2 days solid. Torrential down pours. Unfortunately this meant our much hyped surf lesson had to be cancelled. Bums. But fear not, there are loads of places up the coast and I will, one day, learn to surf, properly, standing up and everything. Yes I will.

Anyway during the rainy days we amused ourselves by chatting, telling stories, going for long walks on the beach (which is actually pretty cool when it’s raining ) drinking at Cheeky Monkeys and meeting more friengers. Anyway after a few funny, rainy dys I managed to convince Lou to travel with me to Brisbane, stay at the YHA and to also come with me on a crazy, extreme tour to Moreton Island just off the coast. Luckily for me, Lou is fabulous and said yes to all. So Louise is officially my first actual travel buddy…hooray!!

Cooling off....

We’re now staying at the YHA in Briz, it’s one of the flagship hostels and is pretty much like staying in a hotel – it’s very, very swanky. Amazing roof top pool and deck overlooking the city, massive kitchen and dinning area, 5 floors, cool bar/cafe etc – yeap pretty swanky. The only issue is that it has in fact been built on a railway line. Yes, ON a railway line. The train literally rattles through our room throughout the night!! Ok so maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but it certainly feels like it. As a ridiculously light sleeper I did of course kick up a fuss and after a rather heated conversation with a very angry lady receptionist, and then another more persuasive one with a bloke receptionist (make of that what you will….) we’ve were give our own room on the other side of the hostel. Good times. 

But it isn’t the pool, big rooms or even the hotel like swankiness of the hostel that I love – the absolutely best thing about this whole place is the lift. Very rarly could you ever say that the best place about anywhere is the lift but in this case, I know you’ll agree with me… would you feel stepping into this…..

Best lift ever!

Isn’t it brilliant!!!!!! I LOVE it. I can’t stand on the mouth bit though, have a sneaky suspiction that if I do the floor will suddenly give way and I will in fact be eaten. I know that sounds crazy but I’m not taking any chances! I’ll say it again….I LOVE it!

Our first day here was spent pretty much chilling by the pool, I know that sounds very lazy but it was 31 degrees by 7.30am so doing anything other than lying down is exhausting! I did also venture into the city for a little potter about but returned after a few hours. It has to be said, Briz isn’t that great. I mean it’s ok as a city goes, but it a bit sterile, it’s as if all the cool, quirky things have been identified byt a city official, gathered up and subequently removed in a giant lorry to be shipped off to somewhere else….possibly Sydney or maybe even London. The streets are pretty empty, the buildings are all new and have that shiny but not very interesting look about them, even the river is a dull muddy brown, it’s just a bit boring. Anyway it didn’t matter too much, we were pretty knackered on the first night (Byron had ruined us slightly) so just headed out for some food and a little drink. We ended up in a hostel bar called Tin Billys which was just around the corner from the YHA. Somehow, and I’m not quite sure how it happened, I ended up in a karaoke competition to win a $80 bar tab?!!

My main competition for this much desired prize was a man who called himself Mr Ed, he was about 70 years old, had a coral colour shirt on, spat on you whenever he spoke and pretty much murdered every single song he sang – and he sang a lot of them, over and over. Louise actually stopped breathing at one point she was laughing so much, she managed to record one mangled version of a song (I can’t even tell you which was he was that bad) but I’m hoping to get a video to show you soon. Anyway I knew when I was defeated. My one, terrified, slightly slurred version of Valerie couldn’t stand up to the might of Mr Ed and his many, many, dear god is he seriously singing again?! oh so many songs, I had to bow out gracefully, once I’d regained composure and stopped laughing that is.

The next morning we were up bright and early to head off on our Moreton Island extreme adventure tour, which included a day of 4W4 driving, snorkelling around a sunken reef, sand surfing (?!), swimming, exploring and generally being bad ass extreme chicks for the day – more of that that later, yeah man!

Me & Louise heading to Moreton Island

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