Noosa to meet you

29 Mar

Next stop on the adventure was Noosa, a place described in my guide-book as an up market holiday hot spot, a place to see and be seen. I’d say that was a fairly accurate description. In parts it is a very up market place, especially around Hastings street, the main strip just on the beach front. It is literally packed with boutique shops, bistro’s, cafes, smoothie joints and restaurants all heaving with locals on their mini breaks. Unlike Byron it’s not really set up for back packers…in one word it’s expensive….bloody expensive. And not a wet t-shirt competition in sight. How very boring.

Noosa has some really pretty beaches though, including a nudist beach called A-Bay (although I’m not sure what you see there could be described as pretty!). The National Park is also absolutely stunning and endless!  I got totally lost on one run and thought I’d have to break out my Ray Mears survival knowledge?!

I really liked the YHA hostel at Noosa, it’s very cool and funky, probably one of the best hostels I’ve stayed in so far. It’s a big old lodge that looks like it belongs in some old American deep south movie. You almost expect some weeping, distraught girl to come bursting on to the veranda at any moment, declaring her love for a man she can’t have, before swooning into the arms of a stranger……When that’s not happening, the veranda is the perfect place to sit, chat, enjoy a cider and meet people.

The bar also gets a lot of locals which is nice as I haven’t really met many Auzzies. Although they do need to work on their chat up lines….one local tried his luck with the rather bizarre line “You’ve got really nice (long pause while he looked at my boobs) skin”….to which I replied “Thanks (bemused look) I’m covered in it…??! Needless to say our giggling and general piss take sent him on his merry way. Fail!

Our little Noosa gang included Lou (my hilarious German friend), Stephan and Rick (from the Netherlands), Paul (Leeds, UK), Anna & Louise (Denmark), another Stephan (from Berlin – this guy sounded identical to Arnold Schwarzenegger and was about as big – needless to say made him repeat classic Arnie lines all night “I’ll be back / Come with me if you want to live” – very funny). Good times.

I’ve generally been filling my days in Noosa with running, walking through the national park on a desperate search to see some wild koalas, sitting on the beach, reading and planning the next stage of the trip. Then night comes and we all gather again to get rather merry. It’s actually a really nice place to just chill out for a while, before hitting the road again.

The only slight (read – massive!) irritation during my stay in Noosa was on the last night. We had a new arrival in the room, a rather large German lady who resembled an olympic shot putter from the 80’s. Unfortunately for me she had to share my bunk, I was top, she was bottom. Not only was she rather large but the back pack and additional 6 bags she stumbled in with filled the entire dorm floor. But then things got really bad…really, really bad…… she kicked off her shoes and absolutely stinked the place out!! Now I’ve experienced cheesy feet before (the ex had a slight cheesy foot issue) so you have to trust me when I say this was beyond anything I had ever smelt in my life. It was a smell so pungent small animals died. Seriously. They just gave up living, right there and then…it was that bad. I very nearly threw up. In fact I still might. Hold on…..

Ok. During the night things didn’t get much better, every single time she moved or rolled over (which she did pretty much constantly) the whole bunk bed shook. When I say shook I mean the entire frame would sway wildly, as if it was going to crash to the floor at any moment. As you can imagine it was a night of little sleep and one I shall have nightmares about for days to come. The morning didn’t bring much relief…as I climbed down my little ladder at 7am, my blurry eyes saw Lady Von Shot Putter lying on her tiny bunk eating chocolate fudge sticks?!! I’ll say it again, she was a very large lady, squeezed into a bottom bunk bed, stinking out the entire room with a smell that would rot wood, her crap spread all over the floor, eating chocolate fudge sticks…at 7am….. Now I’m aware I might sound harsh but I dare you to be in the same position and not think it was all a little bit gross! More than gross in fact. Blurgh!!! Shivers down my spine.

Anyway….. (shake all memories out that out of my head…!!!) Noosa is done. Next up on the trip is Rainbow beach where we’ll get to feed the wild dophins at Tin Can Bay – I am so excited about this!! Then we go over to Fraser Island for 3 days/2nights of 4X4 driving, camping under the stars, snorkelling, swiming in the lakes and general merriment and wild adventures…. I actually get to drive one of the 4X4’s. Yeap me. Awesome!!

– Little PS here to apologise for the lack of pics or if any the above is all over the shop, I’m in a tiny internet place that won’t let me use the USB stick as they have viruses and may wipe my SD card, plus the mouse has a life of its own and is jumping about all over the place highlighting and moving the words about so I have no idea if any of this now makes sense?!!!!

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