Meeting flipper

4 Apr

So Rainbow beach……

What I established very quickly was that people are really only here for two thing 1) They are waiting for their Fraser Island trip as this is the place all the ferries and tours depart from OR 2) They are waiting to die! Rainbow Beach is officially gods waiting room….it is where old people come to soak up as much boredom as they possibly can before happily popping their thongs off and heading to the big beach in the sky.

It is, to put it mildly the most boring place I’ve stopped at so far. It also doesn’t help that since leaving Noosa it hasn’t stopped raining, big fat continuous rain. Louise and me have 2 days to wait before our Fraser trip and we’ve been literally climbing the walls. To save ourselves from complete and utter boredom we  booked ourselves on to a mini trip to feed the wild dolphins at a place called Tin Can Bay.

We got up at dawn and hopped on the little bus, then on to an even smaller boat for the short trip over to Tin Can Bay. The weather was still pretty crap which made the journey over a bit choppy but nothing could dampen my mood, I was crazy excited about being able to get up close to real life, wild dolphins.

Off the boat we stood in the small bay, in the water just up to our knees and waited. Then just moments later, two pale gray dolphins swam right up to us and rested in the shallows. They were beautiful! Absolutely amazing to see them so close. It was really tempting to touch them but we’d already been told we couldn’t because we could spread germs etc (they obviously know the kind of hostels back packers stay in!) but we could feed them fish if we wanted to. YES PLEASE!

Amazingly close

The dolphins were pretty battered to be honest, not like the perfect ones you would see in captivity, these dolphins were wild, they had lived. Both of the dolphins  had big scars from being attacked by sharks (Bull and Tiger sharks to be exact), or from attacks within their own pod as younger dolphins challenged for supremacy in the group – but the marks didn’t bother me, as far as I was concerned they were beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

When it came time to feed them I took my little fish and placed it carefully under the water. Then really, really gently, the dolphin just nudge forward and took it. Honestly the whole thing was over in seconds but it’s like everything slowed down. It was such a soft, gentle movement, as if he was trying not to frighten me just as much as I was trying to stay calm and do everything right.

Slowly does it.....

One happy dolphin....

After an hour the feeding was all done and the dolphins had gone. The smile stayed on my face for the rest of the day. I’m so glad we did this. Such a lovely experience.

Now we’re all set for Fraser Island…..28 people spending three days on the island, camping on the beach, driving 4×4’s and having a big adventure. I can’t wait!

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