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Adrenaline Junkie??

10 Apr

A couple of days ago someone called me an adrenaline junkie…me?!…An adrenaline junkie?!! Of course I put him straight and explained that nope, that is definitely not me, no way, I am a total scaredicat…he must have confused me with someone else. He just looked at me and said ‘well you must be, why else would you  be here…”

And that got me thinking. Maybe he was right. Over the last few days/weeks I’ve done some pretty brave, crazy and stupid things – most recently a thing called Scooter-roo and some ocean rafting, flying about doing donuts in the sea?! So maybe this whole Auzzie adventure thing is in fact turning me into a bit of an adrenaline junkie….

After Fraser we set off for Agnes Waters and a little hippie town called 1770. Unlike Rainbow Beach the quietness here was actually one of the things that made this place so special. It was just so laid back. There was nothing to do but laze on the beach, chill in the hostel bar, chat round the camp fire or swing in a hammock. Easy days.

Agnes Water / 1770 - the chill out town

One thing 1770 is famous for though is Scooter-roo – a half day tour round the coastline on some seriously cool motorbikes and choppers. Leather jackets and a souvenir photo was included in the price – where do we sign up??

Me & Lou ready to ride a big chopper

I have never ridden a motorbike before, or even on the back of one for that matter. So I was a little apprehensive when we turned up at the track. Before we could get on a bike we got kited out with our flame decorated helmets and leather jackets. Nice. Next up we covered ourselves in some (stick on) tattoos, you know the ones, skeletons riding motorbikes, half naked ladies – all very tasteful. I went for a rather fetching one on my neck and another on my arm – grrrrr! Now I felt like a proper biker. All I needed was the bike, and to know how to actually ride a bike…mere details?!


I picked a very sexy bike that had the American flag on it – I was wearing an American vest top (it looked good with the whole bike look) so I was nicely matching. Lou wanted an English one but found one decorated with flames to match the jacket and helmet. We were like kids in a sweet shop. This was seriously cool!!

Which bike would you choose?

Maybe the Auzzie bike...

Then came the moment to start the bikes and go for a lap around the practice track. Easy…. Actually not so much….I sort of struggled with the whole starting and then going round corners thing. I was awesome at going fast in a straight line, but any other maneuver was causing me (and the instructors) a little concern. But after a while I got it and before you could say ‘get your motor running’ we were out on the open road. About 50 of us, all blazing along, on the open road, our little bikes roaring beneath us. Yeah baby!

Throughout the whole ride I was filled with this amazing mix of fear, excitement and sheer adrenaline. It was so bloody cool.

Once we’d been going for a while we were given permission to start over-taking each other. As in… go faster…..oh yeah!!!!! I was off!!! Fast and straight…woooo hooooo!!! This I can do!!! Again the only slight issue was the corners and I did nearly run over one of the instructors toes at a particularly sharp bend – well he should have got out of my way?! But apart from that it was accident free and easy riding. I loved it!

Not the best pic as it's a bit squished and I look a bit weird but it's the only one of me riding the bike - so here you go....

Unfortunately towards the end of our ride the heavens opened and absolutely chucked it down. We now had to drive back to the Scooter-roo center in the pouring rain with the light quickly fading. Again I thought this was pretty cool, wind in my face, rain in my face…bugs in my face. I just loved all of it. But then my bike died. It really died. Lots of people’s bikes were stopping due to the wet weather but they somehow managed to keep restarting and go a little further. Mine just died.

I was totally gutted. There I was stood on the side of the ride, watching the other riders whiz past. My little bike a sad sight in the pissing rain.

Then out of nowhere my hero arrived. James. Lovely Irish James. He was one of the instructors (not the one whose toe I nearly run over – thankfully). He tried to fix the bike but to no avail so said “You have a choice, get in the support van or get on the back of my bike“….I looked at him, looked at his massive (seriously big) bike, looked at the vain….”Ummmm” was all I could say…”Quickly what do you want to do?” he yelled …”Ok I’ll come with you“.

About 5 seconds later all I could think of was – why the hell did you just do that, why are you on the back of this crazy fast bike??!!! We were racing down the road on his beast of a bike, going seriously fast. It was terrifying. My heart was in my mouth and I don’t think I took a breath for about 5 minuets. James was brilliant though, I think he could tell by my tight grip that I was a little scarred so he talked to me the whole way back…the only slight issue was that he took one hand off the handle bar each time and turned his head slightly back towards me – that didn’t really help my nerves!! PUT YOUR HAND ON THE BIKE AND LOOK WHERE YOU’RE GOING?!!!

But it was amazing. He drove like the wind and I absolutely loved it. I now know why people love their bikes so much. It’s hugely addictive and so much fun. By the time we raced back into the Scooter-roo park I was feeling very cool and totally won over by James and his super fast bike. The Irish accent didn’t hurt either, or that he’d started to call me his little Koala (because of how hard I clung on). All in all I was a bit of a girly mush.

Motorbikes = very, very cool.

Wet and wind swept but loving it

Next up in the adrenaline games….some crazy ocean rafting?!!!

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