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Flat on our back packs

15 Apr

So after the craziness of Airlie Beach I was looking forward to some quiet time in my next stop….Magnetic Island, or as the locals call it Maggie Island.

The ferry over was a bit bouncier than I’d of preferred but as the island came in to sight I was very happy with what would soon be my new home, if only for the next three days. The island sits just off the coast by Townsville and looks like something out of Jurassic Park. It’s all rolling hills covered by dense rainforest which run down to meet the sandy beaches and deep blue shore line. I half expected to see a terradactyl flying past!

Maggie Island

I was staying at a hostel that boasted 4 acres of land and its own Koala centre. It was one of the most interesting hostels I’d stayed at so far. The rooms were little cabin bungalows which couldn’t get you much closer to nature – each day you woke up to a chorus of birds all competing to be louder than the next, lizards and spiders climbing above your head and several pesky beatles who insisted on sharing the shower with you – dirty little perverts!

The hostel lagoon pool

The dawn chorus of just a few parrots

I really enjoyed my time here. It was so peaceful, nothing to do but go for long walks, chill on the beach or by the pool, visit the lovely little animal sanctuary on site and just take in all the wonderful nature surrounding you. At the sanctuary I got to hold a snake called Gucci, a crocodile, some lizards (one called Bruce actually sat on my head?!) and cuddle the gorgeous Barney……

Me & Barney

I’d met up with some friends on the island, Katie and Lizzie so was lucky enough to enjoy this beautiful place in great company. Katie is a planner. An epic planner in fact. So each day was quickly dissected into mini plans – such as what we’d do after breakfast, how long we’d stay by the pool, when we’d go on our walk, where we’d walk to, how long the walk would take, what time we’d be back, what we’d having for dinner that night and also the following night and the night after….. I’m pretty sure Katie could run the country if Cameron decides he needs a day off.

Maggie Island.....great walks & stunning views

Maggie Island....great walks & stunning views

To keep ourselves entertained at night we decided to take part in the hostel games, alongside our fourth member Charlotte. The first prize up for grabs was for the best team name. As a PR genius the pressure fell to me to come up with something. This was harder than expected, mainly because I haven’t had to really use my brain for the last 3 months and my brain is also somewhat pickled after 3 months of alcohol abuse. Eventually we decided on a the team name “Flat on their backpacks” and so the game began.

First up Lizzy had to somehow thread pasta spirals onto a thin piece of spaghetti – which is actually bloody hard, she didn’t win but put in an admirable effort and has promise to practice (just in case the situation arises again). Next up was the Weetabix challenge, as a bumpkin girl I put myself forward but even with some full on cheating tactics I couldn’t manage to munch through a whole weetabix in time. They are actually exceedingly dry to eat and stick to the insides of your mouth like tar. Not fun. The next challenge was beer pong, I stepped up again and managed to get one ping pong in the beer glass, sadly though some jammy Sweedish guy got two in so we lost that but still secured our first point.

Next up a game of giant Jenga. This was an all team task. The idea was to build the highest stack possible in the time given, going head to head against all the other teams. Our tactics were solid….you could smell the concentration….quietly and quickly we worked, layer after layer of blocks being placed on the top, our tower getting bigger and bigger. But would it be enough to win. Yes it was!! We smashed it! Our tower was bigger than everyone elses by a huge margin – many, many points for us. High five all round and much mocking of the other teams – in your face! We were back in the game.

The last task was to make a line as long as possible using as many items of clothing as we could find or produce from our persons. For some reason most people in the hostel were behind us so without even asking items of clothing came flying towards us from the crowd…..all manor of things were hurtled our way as we screamed to everyone to”TAKE OFF ALL YOUR CLOTHES – NOW!!!” – belts, bras, trousers, t-shirts, hand bags….everything imaginable was being thrown our way. As a very last resort we even laid ourselves down in a long line, toe to head to stretch out as far as possible……but would it be enough to secure victory over the other teams…..

The results were in. We held our breaths, each other and our ciders eagerly waiting to hear the news…..

Team Flat on their backpacks had smashed it!!! VICTORIOUS!!! We WON! We cheered, high-fived every single person we could (whether they wanted to or not) did a lap of honour, accidentally smashed some glasses (my fault!) and generally lorded it up over the losers as much as possible. HA! I like to win. No scrap that. I love to win. I am a very competitive person, Charlie Sheen will agree whole heartedly – Winning – is where it’s at!

As well as winning the games we also won a jug of cider for the best team name – Get in!! Yes PR genius, take a bow…I thank you. So in total the four plucky ladies had won a jug of cider a $30 bar tap and free pizza’s for dinner the next night. Good times.

The next night we decided to enter the trivia game (there really isn’t much else to do when you’re in a hostel, in the middle of the rainforest on an island. It’s a case of get involved or go to bed.) We didn’t have high hopes for our combined trivia knowledge being as how we had absolutely no idea what was going on in the outside world.

But in a staggering display of brains, beauty and just crazy good luck – we won…AGAIN!! Yes our team, smashed it. We won the quiz!?!! Needless to say our victory for the second night went down like a lead balloon for all the other guests (as was the repeat victory display of high fives, laps of honours, picture-taking and slaps on backs – no glasses were broken this time thankfully!). But we didn’t care. Another $30 bar tab was ours! Bring me all the jugs of cider you can carry…..good times.

"Flat on their back packs" wins again!

I really enjoyed Maggie Island. It’s a really special place. So if you’re ever in this neck of the woods don’t just pass it by and travel on to Cairns, stop off, get the ferry, stay in a bungalow with the pervy beatles and spiders and win yourself a whole load of cider! It really is a whole lot of fun.

Sitting on top of the world

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