The end of the adventure…?

29 Apr

Before I faced the long flight home I got to spend a few last days in Sydney. I love this city. It has totally won me over and kind of feels like home now. It also doesn’t hurt that some of my very good friends live in the city and after a few months away, I was really looking forward to meeting back up, cracking open some vino and sharing all my adventures with them.

Flying back over the beautiful Sydney harbour

First up was Gilly and Max. Who spoilt me rotten! They took me for lunch in Watson’s Bay on Easter Friday. We ate in a restaurant called Doyles…and my god was it a feast!! Seriously, an absolutely feast! I haven’t had the best food on the road so my taste buds and tummy went into overdrive. I ate myself stupid. First up sizzling garlic and chilli prawns, a-mazing! The sauce was pure garlic….I basically drank it up, along with lots of lovely fresh bread. Screw the bad breath I was in heaven! Next up tuna steak with scallops and rosemary potatoes. Oh wow. Scrumptious. And just when I thought I couldn’t eat another bite….dessert. We went for a trio sharing plate and I’m pretty sure I ate most of it. I’m not kidding when I say I would have licked the plate. It was all so yummy and such a lovely treat. As was the chats and catch ups I got to have with them about where I’d been, what I’d seen, done and how I was feeling. We spent hours together before they dropped me off in the city and we said our final goodbyes. The first goodbye of many, but such a lovely day.

Luckily I also got to see Faye one last time. Wonderful Faye. My oldest best friend in the world. If you’ve read this from the beginning you know I stayed with Faye and her lovely family when I first arrived in Auz. I was a bit of a mess back then and she helped me so, so much. I really can’t believe how different I feel from those first few days. Thinking back on that it’s kind of amazing to see how much I’ve changed, how I’m just much better… happier and just a bit more….me. Needless to say after 2 months apart we didn’t stop talking for the whole night. I told her everything about my adventures – including a whole load of stuff I’ve kept out of this PG rated blog!! I really didn’t want the night to end, knowing that very soon we’d have to say goodbye and god knows when I’d next get to see her. It really is very special to have a friend who’s known you all your life. I cherish her friendship. I will miss her terribly. But I know that I’ll be back, oh yes lady – I’ll be back! ;0)

I also spent a few days back in Bondi catching up Matt, Carrie and Jon. Over the Easter weekend we ate great food, drank too much and caught up on everything. It was so easy, like rejoining a party you left briefly while you popped out to get more wine. I also got to spend a wonderful girly night with my friend Laura, after some serious gossiping we headed to a pub called The Australian in The rocks for some crazy Anzac antics. Anzac day here is insane! All the sailors come into town and as far as I can tell/remember it’s a day of drinking and gambling. When I say day I mean it – people start drinking at 5am?! The streets are heaving and every pub is packed to the rafters with people cheering, singing (I heard Waltzing Matilda about 18 times!) and playing ‘two up’ – a coin game where you can bet with anyone and potentially win a whole big pot of money…..or loose everything!

Very soon it was my last night and the time had come to say my final goodbyes. I picked a little Tai place in Surrey Hills after reading about it in some foodie blogs and the rave reviews for the crispy, chilly pork belly – I’m a sucker for pork belly! In attendance at the last supper was myself (of course?!), Laura, Claire and Duncan (from my early Bondi days and the Betsy huntsman incident), Paul, Steve (both friends from home who now live in Auz), Rachel (my fave traveling buddy from Byron), Jon and Matt – who managed to escape work for a few mins.

The last supper

It was a really lovely evening, loads of great chats, laughter and whole load of chilli. Seriously! I had massively underestimated the chilli factor of this place, by about a thousand. Every single dish was chilli central. Our faces, tongues, lips and entire bodies were on fire with chilli heat. It was bloody hilarious.

Hot, hot, hot

How much chilli???

Eat it!

But the airport shuttle was coming for me at 5am so with my mouth still on fire I said my goodbyes (loads of hugs!!) and headed back to the hostel. My very last night in a hostel – thank god!

The only trouble was….I just couldn’t sleep. My enormous suitcase, the one I had cursed every single day for the last 3 months, was packed for the last time, my clothes for the morning were all ready, passport in the right pocket of my bag…..everything set. So why couldn’t I sleep…

I was nervous. Not about the flight, although yes 24 hours worth of travelling including a 9hr ‘oh my god I’m soooo crazy bored I think I’m going blind’ stop over in Singapore wasn’t exactly something I was looking forward too, I was nervous about leaving. To be more precise I was afraid. Afraid of leaving….leaving behind this life changing, amazing adventure and returning to my normal life.

Australia. What can I say. You have changed me. I was sad, broken and lost. I was quite frankly a bit of a mess. But I came here and you filled my broken heart with laughter, happiness and wonderful memories. You’ve made me stronger, braver (remember the shark!) and you’ve brought me back. I am different because of this trip. I feel different. I feel better. I’m Happy….

So what next…… Is this the end of the adventures…. and the blog?? I thought that maybe it would have to be. After all I started this because I needed a vent for my crazy ramblings, but what I’ve realised is that I love it. Yeap. I love just rambling on. I know, shocking right?! Who knew?!! And even if no one else reads it I’m gonna keep rambling. Because something I’ve realised is that all of life is an adventure….not just parts of it, when you’re somewhere new or trying something crazy. Every day can be an adventure and that is what I’m going to try and do – I am going to try and live my life as if I’m still travelling. I will keep trying new things, I will go out of my way to meet more ‘friengers’ – although not of the random nakedness kind, I will keep taking risks, I will ride motorbikes, be brave, scare myself once in a while, look for new things and most of all I will keep smiling.

So Adventures of Zomerset girl is not done….in fact this is maybe just the beginning….who knows what’ll happen next, when real life slaps me in the face – will I slap it right back?

Oh hell yeah!  :0)


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