The seven day itch…

20 May

Ok, ok I’m sorry…

I’m really, really, really sorry….seriously, sad face and everything!

I have neglected you and for that you have every right to log out, to de-blog (is that even a word?) and generally shun me from your life. I won’t blame you, I won’t even sulk, I promise.

I could pile on the excuses, that since I’ve been back it’s been all ‘go, go, go,’ first week back at work (to sum up – massive shock to the system but lovely seeing everyone), finding a new flat (Still searching?!) and getting sick (random ear infection that makes me feel like I’m either permanently drunk or on a boat)…..but I won’t, I’ll just say, again, that I am very, very, truly sorry.

So you could leave me……but if you did you miss finding out all about my new challenge!!

Drum roll please….brrrrrrrrrrrrrr (imagine drum roll here please)

I give you ……The Seven Day itch.

Ah yes, The Seven Day Itch. It is genius. It really is. It might even need its own theme tune….I’ll tackle that another time.

Ok so the Seven Day Itch is not a sexually transmitted disease, nor is it a rash or an excuse to cheat on ones partners at regular intervals (although what do I know, I’m sat on the single shelf?!)

“The Seven Day Itch” is the name  I have given to this new phrase in my life. To be exact, the new challenge I have set myself since coming back from Auz. For those of you that have been with me since the beginning know that after returning from Auz I made myself a promise, an oath if you will,  (there really should be some kind of anthem playing over this speech…)…yes… oath! That I, ZomersetGirl, would take the new-found bravery, excitement and happiness that t’was bestowed on me, in that wonderful land down under, into my life and henceforth, seize every opportunity to stay happy, meet friendgers and be brave!! (sniff….oh it brings a tear to my eye…good times)

And so it was that the Seven Day Itch was created, as a testament to that oath and a reminder that I will never forget that precious time in my life.

So how does it work I hear you cry?? Well as you know there are 52 weeks in the year, yeap there definitely is, I’ve checked. It is my goal to try something new, something totally random, exciting, possibly ridiculous and damm right brave, once, every seven days.

That’s 52 new, amazing experiences each year!! Yeah, that’s some serious living man! And I might add some great content for all you lovely lot. Now before I get ahead of myself I know that we’re already in May so I have technically missed out on a big chunk of those 52 weeks already, but here’s the loop-hole – Australia?!

Yeap for three (ish) of those months I was having a massive adventure, every single day – so I think that covers that, and as for January well, as you know I was a quivering wreak on the floor of my life back then so I think you can let that one slip by. And so there you go….

The Seven Day itch is born……it’s rather marvellous isn’t it.

So here’s where you come in. I have a vivid imagination and being in one of the best cities in the world I have access to some crazy things….so I’m pretty sure I can get this life challenge thing off to a good start – but I don’t want to do it alone….. Nope I want you, yes YOU to help me.

I want you to be part of my Seven Day Itch – send me your suggestions of what I should do, hell you can even dare me to do stuff and I will absolutely (if not too scary) rise to the challenge!!

In return for your suggestion you will get to witness my escapades in all their shambolic glory – through video, pictures and of course my own ramblings.

So are you in???

To kick us off I have listed five potential things I can try first, I’m starting relatively softly just to warm up, don’t want to pull a muscle or die on my first challenge?!

So which one should I do…well that’s up to you –

– Go on a date to Dans Le Noir – The totally pitch black restaurant where you’re basically blind throughout. Just two concerns here, one – the idea of food all over my face and two – who the hell would I go with?? Time for a date????

Food all over my face!

– Speakers Corner – Read aloud some of my very own blog entries from AdventuresofZomersetGirl to a crowd of….several (mentalists)….at London’s most iconic free speech stages

Have I told you about the time I met a Shark...

– Take part in The Friday night skate – a massive skate session that takes place in London each Friday night, apparently all you need are a pair of skates and to be able to skate….erm….ok I have no skates and can’t really skate…but that won’t deter me.

Warning: i can't skate!

– Learn to make sushi – It absolutely one of my favourite foods, I LOVE it, think I’d probably just eat everything as I was making it – yummy!

Yummy! The sushi not all the men...of course

So there you go, If you want to see me take on any of those just let me know, the one with the most comments wins and I’ll throw myself into it.

Or if you have a better idea….bring it on!

3 Responses to “The seven day itch…”

  1. Rachael Scott May 21, 2011 at 1:47 am #

    Sounds like a great idea! The food at Dans Le Noir is supposed to be terrible but I hear that people get up to some pretty kinky stuff in that room – why take a date just grope around in the dark lol!

    Can u please come back now.

    Rach xx

    • zomersetgirl May 26, 2011 at 11:38 am #

      Ha thanks Rachel – it’s in the lead at the mo so looks like i’ll be getting messy in the dark!!

      Would jump on that plane in a heartbeat if i could babes – CRABS xx

  2. CareBear June 13, 2011 at 3:41 pm #

    Here is a new challenge for you – Check out some “shaking meditation” to pumping techno music at one of the London Ratu Bagus groups:

    It’s definitely an unusual experience right in your own back yard!

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