I heart Wendi

20 Jul


Mr Murdoch you have got yourself one hell of a lady there. Not only is she half your age and gorgeous but it turns out she has some secret ninja moves. Dainty but dangerous she’s on a constant state of alert ready to leap into on coming foam pies and save her man. What a woman.

I’m not a Murdoch fan, that’s not where I’m going, trust me. But I love that Wendi leaped up, without a moments hesitation  and with one bitch slap of her hand said to the world “back the F off my man or face my wrath!”.

We hear a lot of stories of men standing by their ladies, defending their honour or protecting them from certain peril (which in this day and age normally means things like shielding us from the drunk on the tube, offering to carry that really heavy bag or lending us a jacket when we’ve worn entirely the wrong thing and the heavens open – those sorts of perilous things…). But rarely do see such moments when a woman has stood up, starred fear in the face (or foam) and protected her man.

Quite right too. I would like to think that my feisty nature, oh yes I have one, would come flying to the fore should my man (when I have one) be in need of protection. In fact I think I’d do a pretty good line of protection. No one would see it coming, but with the speed of a panther and a flick of my hair I’d disarm and calm. Situation sorted.

So there you go girls. With one move Wendi has sent out a message – “Ladies when your man needs you, you better be ready, cause he ain’t taking no foam in the face today!”

Wendi the ninja moves in

10 Things you didn’t know about Wendi…..


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