Been there, done that…

Hello, so on my adventures I thought it would be good to keep a sort of brain dump list of the places I’ve been and the new things I have tried. If I don’t note them down I’ll forget, because I always forget and it’s very annoying.

So  here’s the list, I expect it to grow as the adventures continue and hopefully I get a little braver with each day…

1) Brave or exciting things I have done/tried/eaten –

– Flying to the other side of the world, by myself (might not sound scary to some of you but it was a pretty big deal for me)

– Saw my first ever Huntsman spider and didn’t massively freak out. Ok I freaked a little but these things are ENORMOUS and have big fat hariy brown legs, bloody terrifying!! If I see another one I’ll take a picture – kind of hoping I don’t see another one though – Blurgh!

– Ate mud crab. This was actually delicious, it was cooked in a wok in black bean sauce and after you peeled the shell off the meat was so tender it was yummy. I also tried my first oyster but didn’t give that it’s own row as it’s kind of lame that at my age I haven’t tried one?!

– Attended my first Auzzie BBQ, ate a sausage sizzle, cooked some ‘Snags’, drank Auzzie beer and chatted with the locals. A very lovely day that was too.

My first Auzzie Mud Crab - yes it's still alive!

2) Cool places I have visited or stayed –

– South West Rocks – yes it does, fact. This is a beautiful place and if you’re ever lucky enough to get out here and see it yourself you’ll agree, it’s just breath taking.

– Sydney harbour Opera bar and a place called the Establishment, very very cool. Great venues, great people, great deal of drinking to be done.

– The Sydney Aquarium – just so cool, especially if you’re a shark freak like me. Honestly it’s just awesome to walk through the underwater tunnel thing and see these ernomous sharks swimming above you, it’s very freaky and also a bit like Jaws 4 (you know the really crap one where the shark breaks through the under water tunnel)…but soooooo cool!

It's a SssshhhhhARK!!!!!

– Bondi Beach. Wow. It’s like someone rounded all all the most beautiful people and put them in one place. I have never seen so many gorgeous, toned, ripped, perfect people in my life!!! It’s enough to make you run every day (with squats and lunges for good measure) and drink every night just get over it. Seriously. I’ll take pictures to prove it. I may even turn, the women are SOOOO HOT!!!!

3) Random things I’ve seen –

– Whilst in Bondi saw a woman walking a cat on a lead…..a cat being walked on a lead?!!! I have no idea why, maybe it was a cat with a violent nature that couldn’t be let out alone for fear of attacking small children, or maybe it thought it was a dog and would only go out if it was one a lead. Or maybe cat woman was just a little bonkers…yeap just a bit.


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  1. hannah February 23, 2011 at 9:43 am #


    I love your blog it’s just fabulous! Don’t stop x x x

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