In the beginning…..

So before I get started on the ramblings from my adventures I wanted to recap on how I got here and what’s happened so far.

Some time ago I found myself with a massively broken heart, nursing my second (maybe third?!) bottle of red and wondering how the bloody hell life would ever be as special. After many, many tears and sooooo much more red wine I can’t even think about it (sorry liver!) I decided I had a choice, I could either –

a) Wallow in self pity, drinking myself into a daily stuper, staring into space at my desk in the hope no one noticed I wasn’t working, crying at anything (in the gym, at the bus stop – seriously, just ridiculous?!), asking the usual unanswerable questions over and over and over “why did this happen / why didn’t I see it coming / why is there no more booze in my flat?!!”, staring at my phone hoping he’d call to say it had all been a terrible mistake, a bet with his friends, a brain blip…..anything so it wouldn’t be true – anyway you get the picture, all in all a pretty rubbish place to be. Also know as ‘dumpeds ville’, twinned with ‘no one loves you town’, or the ‘city of sado’s’….etc etc


b) I could drag my hungover, bleary eyed self up, slap myself about the face and say “NO!” I shall NOT become a sad, stupid, miserable woman, surrounded by wine bottles and self pity. I am bloody brilliant, yes I am. I will not let this get the better of me. Instead I shall run away…..yes, run away….far, far, far, oh so very far away….. so that everything just feels a bit better, so that I can think clearly….and maybe get a bit of sun at the same time…..

It was quite frankly a bloody brilliant plan, Black Adder would have been proud! So option B it was. So I packed an enormous silver suitcase (I’m not really a back pack kind of girl!) headed off to the airport and landed a much, much, much later in Australian.

And so started my first big Zomerset Girl adventure.

Little did I know of the adventures that awaited in Oz or that a little thing called C-Monkey (yeap cancer) would be waiting for me when I got back…

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