The Auzzie language

Now I’ve touched upon the Auzzie language a bit before and the brief lesson Paul gave me about words I shouldn’t confuse – such as ‘Pull’ (refer to the post called At home with the Jarmans for more on that particular moment) – but I think it warrants a little more investigation and so I have created this page which I think will grow and grow and grow…….

Before I offend any Auzzies out there let me just say I am pretty quickly falling in love with the Auzzie language, phrases and sayings – in fact it’s far to say they are amusing me no end. I think it’s because so much of it reminds me of the proper bumpkin slang and phrases of Zzzomerset, such as “Alreet me lover” / “Ark at her” / “Where you be then …I’m ere!”” – and so on.

So far some of my favourite linguistic moments have included –

Stone the flaming crows – I kid you not. And no it was not said in a “lets all do an Auzzie accent / scene from neighbours kind of way” – it was meant very seriously and in reaction to a serious matter. Loved it!

Ah turn it up, will ya – Now to read this you may think they are asking you to increase the volume of a nearby radio or such, but no what this really means, loosely speaking is – just get over it / get on with it / do it! So for example I might say “I can’t drink tonight, I feel so shrivelled I need a night off” to which your Auzzie mate would respond “Ah turn it up will ya!”. Simply meaning, shut up you idiot and get that beer down you…

Busy as a one legged bloke in an arse kicking contest – This was said to me by a bus driver who happened to be driving us all 4hrs up the coast – it basically means that he the was busy doing nothing. Very reassuring!

As dry as a dead dingo’s donger – In other words this particular chap was thirsty. Absolutely brilliant!

Below are some other translations which may help should you even find ourself down under –

 – Afternoon = Arvo

 – Avocado = Avo (not to be confused with the above)

–  OK then =-Righto

– That’s cool / fine = No worries mate (pretty much the most used phrase out here!)

– Beer = Tinnies / Stubbies / Scooners

– Water (pronouncing the T) = Waaaaaader (no T in sight!)

– Beaut = Great, amazing, cool

– Bizzo – As in, mind your own business

– Fair-dinkum – Really, true, generally in agreement with

– Snag = Sausages / bangers etc

Just a few there, but I’m sure it’ll grow…. As I said I love the auzzie language, it’s so full of character and personality . There’s nothing like a fair-dinkum stone the flamin crows bit of banter to start your day with a smile!


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